Scholarships for Service (SFS) for Graduates (M.S. and Ph.D.)

Scholarship Opportunities for graduate students (both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees) The Department of Computer Science is offering a full scholarship (Scholarship for Service (SFS)) for graduate students (both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees) who are interested in pursuing education and research in any computing-related discipline with Cyber Security focus. The SFS program will also offer all students education, training and opportunities to become cyber security professionals capable of advancing America’s economic prosperity and national security in the 21st Century. The applicant maybe either an US citizen or permanent resident.

APPLY HERE! The Application form
Recommendation Letter form


Priority Deadline for Applications: May 1 (Fall 2017), Oct. 15 (Spring 2018)

Online Form:

Once an applicant has been accepted to the program, a response from the applicant, either accepting or declining, must be received within two weeks of the date of the offer.

Required Materials :

  1. Application Form: You can get the online application form here
  2. Official Transcript
  3. Recommendation Letters: Two recommendation letters from faculty members of your college are required. Please start to fill out the recommendation letter here.

Details for submitting the Recommendation letter:
For Faculty Members Only:
Before you start to fill in an recommendation letter, please read the following information:
Please send the recommendation letter by email to